Getting “High” in Colorado

Kurt and I have been workamping at Spruce Lake RV Resort in Estes Park, Colorado. After spending the winter at the island of Quintana, Texas and enjoying the beaches and warm temps, we were excited for a total change in environment. With all the mountains and hiking trails and much cooler temps (even in June), we couldn’t wait to take part in local adventures.

Estes Park is a great little village that has a lot of “tourist-y” things like shops, restaurants, Fun Zones, etc. The surrounding area, including Rocky Mountain National Park, has TONS of great outdoors adventures! Kurt and I have gone on several hikes so far, starting slow and building up. Our RV park is at about 7500 feet above sea level, which takes some time to adjust to for us lowlanders. Having been here over a month we are much more acclimated, but it is still easy to lose your breath climbing up some of these mountains. The views are absolutely worth it!

There is a nice park not far from our location called Lilly Lake. Our first trek up a mountain took us up to 9100 feet above sea level.

9100 feet up at Lilly Lake

Each of our hikes has become progressively more challenging, but we’re not scaling El Capitan or anything. Our latest hike up to Beirstadt Lake was an amazing trip up a path to an out-of-the-way lake with awesome views. Beirstadt Lake is in the national park. Up until this week the road up to the highest point in the park (around 14,000 feet) was closed due to snow. Now that it is open we are definitely going to take advantage of new trails.

Beirstadt Lake is amazing!

We also went up the Aerial Tram, which is a cable car that goes up the side of Prospect Mountain. Not only are there great views from the top, there are friendly chipmunks that you can feed with peanuts purchased at the store. Well worth the $14 price to go up the mountain. Having hiked to the top of Prospect Mountain I can attest that the Aerial Tram was much easier!

The view from the top of the Aerial Tram. Our RV park is in the upper center.

Kurt and I also like riding horses, and National Park Gateway Stables has great horses and excellent trails through Rocky Mountain National Park. He rode “Smokey Joe” and I got “Casey”. They were very human friendly and did a great job with novice riders. Our ride was 2 hours, but they also offer 6 and 8 hour rides that right up Deer Mountain. For those of us not used to sitting on a horse for extended periods those might be a bit much, but 2 hours was great for us.

Smokey Joe and Casey posing with Kurt and Rachel

We have only begun to explore all the adventures in this area. Kurt and I are always looking forward to our days off to find some new place to investigate and some wonderful views and experiences. Fortunately, we are here until the end of September and will hopefully have time to do much more!

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