Our latest RV update

Rachel and I have been wanting to replace the factory scissor couch with a set of dual recliners since we bought it. The couch was very uncomfortable. We finally ordered the new recliners and I took a day to install them.

The couch on the left was very uncomfortable to lay on for any length of time.  Although it is in perfect shape, it needed to be replaced.

The space we had was 67 inches wide.  Most RV dual recliners are too wide to fit, but Rachel found this set online.  The price was in our budget so she ordered them.  However, they required a deeper space than the current platform.  The existing depth was 29 inches, but the new recliners required 37 inches.  The recliners are “wall huggers” so the space between the wall and the backrest remains the same as they are pulled out.

I had to build out the slide platform an extra 8″ to fit them.

The existing frame is aluminum channels and very sturdy.  I do not have access to aluminum welding equipment so I had to build the extension out of wood.  I neglected to take a picture before I put on the top OSB, but it is a 67″ X 8″ frame with cross braces where the runners of the recliners are located.  I used 1/4″ X 4″ bolts to attach it to the aluminum frame by drilling holes through the channel.

Once completed, it was strong enough to stand on.  I tested the slide by moving it in and out to ensure that it would not cause any issue with operations.  I chose not to cover the OSB with carpet or laminate since it really can’t be seen once the seats are in place.

The new recliners.  A massive improvement!

Attaching the recliners was pretty simple.  Four lag bots attached the first seat to the platform.  The center console has a built-in locking system and did not require bolting down.  The other seat locks in to the center console and is then held in place by four more lag bolts.

We are currently staying at our daughter’s home, so we haven’t had the opportunity to road test them, yet.  We leave for Colorado at the end of the month and look forward to some relaxing evenings in our new recliners!

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