Onward to 2019!

When I look back, 2018 was definitely a year of change.

When the year started I was a garden associate at Home Depot at one store, later switched to MET side at another store and now I’m on MET in a different state. I still had my 2003 Caravan that I drove for 14 years. We were home owners and didn’t have our RV just yet.

I guess the biggest change though that has put us on a drastic path change was Kurt still worked at AT&T. When he found out on August 20 that Oct 19th would be his last day at AT&T after 20 years we sold our house and everything we owned either went to our girls or other family members, sold, donated or threw away. We moved into our RV and went south for the winter.

I never would have guessed 6 months ago that this is where I would be today….so I won’t even try to guess where I will be 6 months from now or what 2019 has to offer. I just hope it is good and full of adventure.

Here’s to hoping everyone has a wonderful year full of whatever makes you happy in life!