Hello, Texas!

Today we arrived at Quintana Beach Country Park in Texas.  It is on an island south of Galveston.  Nice park right on the beach.  Rachel is in heaven!

We left Fenton, Missouri on Black Friday.  We spent the weekend with our daughter, Sydney, in Springfield, Missouri.  When we left Springfield it was 19 degrees out and the RV was covered in a thin layer of ice.  The water supply line was frozen solid.  Not exactly an auspicious start to our adventures!  However, warmer weather and sunny days lay ahead.

The plan was to head to our destination, taking our time and not overdoing it.

We have taken long-ish trips, so I am comfortable enough driving the RV.  For anyone considering the RV life, here is something to always keep in mind.  You are driving a giant, empty box on wheels.   Wind is your biggest enemy with which you do battle over hundreds of miles while simultaneously contending with tractor-trailers, trucks, road construction, and drivers of small cars who don’t understand the physics of stopping a 31′ RV. Overall, the trip was fairly uneventful.  We drove for about 6 hours and landed in Lake Texoma State Park outside of Durant, Oklahoma.  It is a very nice park and had very few RVers staying.  It was pretty cold outside but our lakeside space was worth the stay!

(The main header of the RV at sunset was taken at Texoma)

Rested up, we decided we would try to make the long, final drive to Quintana, which would be our winter home.  The drive was relatively uneventful, with the occasional exception of some road work.  There is nothing quite like driving a full size RV in road construction with concrete barriers on either side of you, with only a foot or so between you.  It made me think of when Luke Skywalker piloted his X-Wing down the trenches of the Death Star.  Tight!

Quintana Beach County Park is a very unusual place.  Nestled at the end of an island next to a large natural gas plant.  Coming in, you would not guess there would be an RV park anywhere nearby, but once you enter the park all of the industrial surroundings fade away.  The folks that run this park are a dedicated group who really care about the condition of the park, taking care of the tenants, and especially the wildlife around the park.

We are here until at least March, possibly April.  The weather so far has been very nice and we’re looking forward to the Winter Solstice and full Moon later this month.  We’ll post pics!Scoot_On_The_BeachRiding our scooters on the beach was an unusual experience!